Cleaning between teeth: Secret to excellent dental health

Cleaning between teeth

Excellent dental health is the result of excellent dental hygiene. Using a good toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste, mouthwash, and regularly visiting the dentist are usually recommended for good oral health.

However, it is seldom known that for achieving the absolute best oral health of your life, it is necessary to clean in between the gaps of teeth as most of the plaque accumulation and bacterial growth is observed in such confined corners and angles of the mouth. Cleaning in-between spaces of the teeth are called interdental cleaning.

How to clean in between teeth

Dental tools like floss and inter dental brushes are recommended for inter dental cleaning. Inter dental brushes are a great alternative to normal toothbrushes as these brushes can reach the far corners of the mouth where a normal brush cannot. They have specific small bristles that can enter and effectively clean any plaque or dirt that has accumulated in between two teeth.

It is recommended to brush teeth with an inter dental toothbrush after normal brushing in the evening. The toothbrushes are to be held gently and made to move in an up and down position after placing them between the teeth. The patient will see food particles stuck in the toothbrush from the mouth if there are any.

Similarly, flossing is also recommended. A piece of floss is taken, rolled over the fingers, and moved in between the teeth in a gentle rubbing motion. This causes the food particles and debris stuck in interdental spaces to slip out and leave the space clean. Flossing is recommended before brushing the teeth in the morning and before bed.

Why it is important?

Inter dental cleaning is important as it is very easy for bacteria to grow and multiply in confined, dark spaces where there is enough moisture and nutrient medium available. An interdental space seems to be the ideal place for bacterial multiplication. These bacteria accumulate over food particles that get stuck inside these spaces.

Later on, these food particles, along with the bacterial accumulation harden and form plaque. This plaque is extremely hard to remove and is incredibly damaging to the teeth. It can develop into serious conditions like tooth decay and tooth loss. Therefore, to avoid such conditions, inter dental cleaning becomes necessary.

Picking the right brush

Various factors affect the cleansing action of an inter dental brush. The most important one is the size. The size should be such that the bristles are able to effectively clean and reach the gap between two teeth.

Another factor is the geometry or shape of the interdental brush. It is found that a straight-shaped interdental brush is much more effective than an angles brush with a short handle. It can effectively clean accumulated plaque. An even better option is available in the form of curved or triangular or come shaped interdental brushes. These brushes also provide a good cleansing effect.

Material of the brush

The material of the inter dental brush also impacts the way the brush cleanses teeth. Patients report that the internet brushes that have a metallic wire inside them for structure are uncomfortable and cause irritation in the gums. The case becomes worse if the patient is suffering from sensitive gums and teeth.

Whereas, rubber inter dental brushes are a much-preferred alternative by patients of all kinds. However, having a soft structure doesn’t mean this inter dental brush is any less effective. This brush is equally as effective as the metal one and provides equal cleansing action. These brushes are better than metallic ones as the patient readily accepts this brush type and is easier to use.

Floss vs. interdental brush

It is understood that interdental brushing is more effective than normal brushing. Periodontic patients who use inter dental brushes report having fewer plaques than the patients who were using normal toothbrushes. However, the results were different for the patients who used floss. Patients who used floss reported having more plaque build-up than the patients who used interdental-brushes. Also, it was found that patients who used inter- dental brushes experienced fewer bleeding gums and sensitivity. That is so because these brushes are specially designed in such a way that the bristles remain soft yet provide effective clearance. Floss, however, can often cause small cuts which may bleed and cause the patient pain and irritation.

Inter-dental brushes were also superior in the case of periodontitis patients. The soft bristles are gentle with the sensitive gums and provide efficient plaque removal. These brushes are even recommended for chronic periodontitis patients.

Oral irrigators

Oral irrigators, also called dental water jets, provide a cleansing effect to the teeth by blowing a jet stream of water with help of little pressure. This stream of water helps clean the space in between teeth and helps in removing particles of food if there are any. The water stream also ensures that there is no bacterial accumulation. If this device is used daily, the inter-dental cleaning process becomes much less hectic. This device is also very helpful in gingivitis.

Another advantage of using this device is that there is no gum bleeding as there are no bristles or sharp wires present in this device. This device also helps in fighting bad breath or halitosis as this device also provides regular rinsing of the mouth with clean water.

Oral irrigators are an excellent option for patients who cannot tolerate flossing. Patients who have periodontitis often have sensitive gums which suffer a lot when floss is used as it can often cut into gums and can’t bleeding and pain.

Along with that, oral irrigation is also highly recommended for patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Braces, veneers, etc. Do not allow the patient to brush and floss teeth regularly. In such cases, inter- dental cleaning becomes very hard. It is one of the best options available for inter-dental cleaning in almost every condition.

Use the above tips to keep your teeth clean. You will find that your teeth remain healthy with no diseases or bad breath.

Smile Makeover – How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Design The Perfect Smile For You

teeth whitening

Your smile is one of the first things anyone notices in you. It defines not just your appearance but also your personality.

Having said that, what if you are unable to smile with confidence? It could be due to anything – yellow teeth caused by too much smoking or coffee, missing teeth from that one unfortunate accident, or even crooked, crowded and not-so-perfectly aligned teeth for which you have just your genes to blame! Luckily, we have gone past the age where these problems were unsolvable.

Cosmetic dentistry

With the advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry, it is now possible for you to re-do your smile. You can now sit with your dentist and voice your concerns or expectations, and they can help you design a smile that radiates confidence.

What can you change about your smile? It is recommended that you have a detailed conversation with your dentist about your worries and expectations. Depending on your dental hygiene and facial structure, they recommend needed treatments. These treatments may involve fixing or re-working on teeth and gum issues. Let us go one by one and learn about the different options a cosmetic dentist can offer as a part of your smile makeover.

Teeth colour – you can whiten your smile

Tooth discolouration is a common side-effect of one’s lifestyle. Food habits (including the consumption of caffeine, tea or alcohol) or continuous smoking can lead to staining of the teeth. Additionally, there can also be instances where the natural shade of your tooth seems rather dull. Whatever be the case, teeth whitening is a viable option to regain the whiteness of your teeth.

Teeth whitening begins with the dentist examining your tooth for any cavities or fillings that must be catered to before starting the treatment. This non-evasive treatment initially involves the removal of the top film of the teeth, which is usually residue from food and drinks. This is followed by a bleaching process that makes use of peroxide chemicals. The time required for this whitening agent to work depends on the severity of the discolouration.

Restore – veneers, crowns and bridges

Veneers, crowns, and bridges are all restoring treatments that can be opted for based on teeth condition. These three treatments can help repair damaged, missing or even discoloured teeth.

Veneers are generally used for cosmetic purposes. It is a porcelain shell fixed on the top of a tooth. It can be used to correct discolouration, crooked teeth, the gap between teeth or other alignment issues.

Crowns are used to cover up broken or damaged teeth. Crowns (or caps as they are generally referred to) is the last step in a root canal treatment. These crowns are made to look exactly like the tooth and provide a solid outer covering to the weak tooth.

Bridges are a popular solution for missing teeth. It is usually a set of three crowns wherein the adjoining teeth are used as anchors to uphold the bridging crown and fill in the gap.

Correct teeth alignment

Overcrowded or unevenly spaced teeth can cause difficulties in biting and chewing. Hence, it is always recommended that you check with your dentists regarding the optimum alignment requirement for your facial and jaw structure. That being said, a well-placed smile has a beauty of its own.

The usual treatment for correcting the alignment involves braces. Depending on the specific requirement of the patient, the braces and their treatment procedure may change. The most commonly used metal braces require dedicated attention at time intervals previously decided by your dentist. Invisalign clear aligners are also being used for patients with minor corrective needs, thereby lessening lifestyle difficulties.

Restore worn-out teeth

Wear and tear happen for our teeth too. Prolonged usage, grinding, chewing, or even certain food and lifestyle patterns may cause the enamel to wear off. While looks may be our initial concern, a weak enamel will also eventually cause difficulties in biting and cause pain. Reclamation will surely improve your smile and fix visible dental and jaw irregularities.

The treatment involves using fillings to reclaim the size and shape of the teeth. Anaesthetics are administered so that there is discomfort for the dental nerves during the filling process. The treatment duration and interval depend on the severity of the damage. You will be advised to take better oral care and use an antibacterial mouthwash.

Gum – shaping and contouring

A smile is not just about the teeth. Gums have a huge role to play in the beauty of your smile. Some people may have a gummy smile, where too much of your gum becomes visible. This could be because of the jaw structure, small teeth or other gum issues. In a few others, too much of the teeth part will be visible, meaning under-exposure for gums. In both cases, gum shaping and contouring is viable treatment.

Gum contouring is a cosmetic treatment that can redefine your gum by either lessening or adding. Your dentist may use a scalpel or soft tissue laser to remove excess gums. For adding gum tissue, your dentists may take gum tissues from the pulpy part of your mouth and attach them to the needed area. Don’t worry about the pain because the treatment is done after the administration of local anaesthesia.


No treatment can be considered overnight magic which is permanent. The results of the treatment can be maintained only by following a good dental and oral hygiene schedule. To further reduce damage to your teeth, make it a habit to visit your dentist at regular intervals so that they can keep track of your condition.

A smile makeover will surely lead you to a path of confidence and positivity. Additionally, a Cosmetic Dentist can improve your oral health substantially. With proper aftercare, the cosmetic dentistry procedures will last you a long time.

Get in touch with your nearest cosmetic dental clinic to discuss your treatment plan and pick the restorative options that are best suited for you.