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5 things to know about Invisalign


By : Bespoke Dental Studio

19 Mar 2022

Invisalign is fast becoming one of the top choices for people who wish to go for teeth alignment procedures. It is one of the latest treatment procedures that is adopted by Orthodontics.

Obtaining a perfect set of teeth boosts a person’s self–confidence. Many people, especially adults are adopting this device due to the different unique features it provides. They offer something similar to traditional braces and help in bringing a proper alignment to teeth.

As with all the dental appliances, the decision in going for Invisalign is made after a dental consultation. This dental check-up helps the dentist to get a total picture of the dental issue, how severe it is, are there any other underlying concerns that need to be treated before going for Invisalign, is this procedure suited to the person, does it help boost oral health – all these are to be considered before the choice is made.

Invisalign is custom made

The beauty of this appliance is it is invisible and hence the name. This is made of medical grade plastic and can be thought of as invisible trays that are slipped to the teeth. They are safe to use and do not harm the health of the person. Their function is correcting the alignment and for this reason they must necessarily be custom made to fit the teeth of the patient.

First, the dentist takes pictures and measurements of the teeth and jaw position. They will then use the measurements to make the model, to help the teeth move to the desired position.

Invisalign does not have any other supporting structures to keep them in position and are very discreet and not noticeable when worn.

Less painful than braces

The traditional braces come with metal brackets and they are quite painful to wear. There are chances of the metal pieces poking into the soft tissues of the mouth.

Pain is a common problem when consuming food while wearing braces. This is not the case when Invisalign is used. As the trays support the teeth and there are no metal frames to support them, pain is not felt when teeth are moved while chewing. During eating, if required, Invisalign can also be removed as well.

To achieve the desired alignment the metal braces need to be tightened at regular intervals at the dental clinic. This process is not required when Invisalign is used. It need not be tightened at regular intervals.

Suitable for all ages

Due to its invisible nature, Invisalign is chosen by adults. By using this they are able to get perfectly shaped teeth without the glaring presence of metal braces. It is usually recommended for people who have completed their dental development and because of this reason children are not suitable candidates. But teenagers who wish to correct their teeth alignment issues can use Invisalign as a corrective measure.

Dental issues such as crooked teeth, protruding teeth or bite problems can be corrected with this procedure. But if the issues are severe, then Invisalign will not be a suitable method. This will be decided during the dental consultation and the dentist will provide other options for treatment if Invisalign is not suitable.

No change in lifestyle required

With most dental appliances, after care is important and specific measures need to be taken for obtaining the best results from the treatment and also to quicken the healing process. In the case of braces, after they are worn, food consumed should be soft and blended and the diet needs to be changed accordingly. Hard and chewy food such as nuts and chocolates should be avoided as they can stick to the braces and create complications. In the case of Invisalign though, there need not be any changes made. These clear trays are easy to remove and worn and can be removed during eating.

Braces are similar to Invisalign in the results they provide, need to be worn every day and it is not easy to remove them at home and should not be removed as well. Any adjustments should be made only at the clinic. But in the case of Invisalign, they need to be worn for about 20 hours a day to get desired results. Due to this time frame, they can be removed while consuming food.

Easy to care for

Caring for the dental appliance being used is a common concern. Invisalign is easy to care for.

They can be removed easily and cleaned. Use a soft brush and water to clean them. It’s as simple as that. This should be done every day, otherwise food particles might remain in the trays. If required, a thorough cleaning can be done; there are special cleaning agents available for this.

Another feature is that this procedure does not require regular follow-ups with the dentist. If there are any urgent issues while using Invisalign, then they need to be checked by the dentist.

Tooth decay can result if the device is not cleaned properly. Bad breath and other dental diseases are also caused due to improper cleaning. Brushing teeth after food will help remove food debris stuck between teeth. If proper cleaning is done, this will also prevent gum diseases. When food lingers in the mouth, oral bacterial action speeds up and the gum tissues are affected.

Invisalign provides many benefits to the wearer, results can be seen as early as 6 months. By wearing it for the required time as suggested by the dentist, desired results can be obtained. Correcting the alignment of the teeth and bringing the self-confidence of the person to new heights is possible with this procedure. Before deciding on the procedure, it is important to have a discussion with the dentist and learn if this is a suitable method. This will help in knowing what is the commitment and processes needed for this treatment.

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